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LEED for Homes is an internationally recognized certification promoting the design and construction of high-performance green homes. LEED certification offers an integrated approach to sustainability and emphasizes strategies for better environmental and health performance. LEED for Homes certification is available for single family homes (LEED for Homes) as well as larger residential buildings (LEED Lowrise up to 3 floors, LEED Midrise for 4 floors and more).



LEED-certified homes are built to be highly energy-efficient, making sure your home can comfortably be heated and cooled with minimum energy usage. Each LEED home is individually tested to minimize envelope and ductwork leakage, and care is taken in the design, selection and installation of materials and systems.



Everyone is concerned about their health and safety. LEED-certified homes are designed and built to provide a more comfortable indoor environment. By avoiding toxic materials and using efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems that bring filtered outdoor air inside, LEED-certified homes ensure a quality indoor environment.



LEED-certified homes have less impact on the world around us by using environmentally preferable products and minimizing waste generated during construction. At the same time, they consume less resources such as energy and water resulting in a more responsibly designed and built home.



A home is the single largest purchase most families will make, and a LEED certification helps to improve your return on investment. Third party verification provides a guarantee of the performance of your home. Reduced energy and water bills in combination with a high level of comfort increases the value of your home.       



To ensure that your home is built to a high standard, each LEED certified home is inspected and tested by the Green Business Certification Inc, the premier global organization for recognizing excellence in high-performance buildings. Through onsite inspections, detailed documentation review and performance tests, a Green Rater will provide this third-party verification so you can trust that your home is truly performing and green.

LEED v4 for Homes: what?

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